How to Select the Perfect Pendant for Someone Special

Giving someone a pendant for their birthday, Christmas, as a thank you, or just to show them you care is a lovely gift. Like rings, there are so many to choose from and the decision on what to pick can seem overwhelming. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be able to take the stress out of shopping for a pendant for that special someone and pick the best one to suit them.

Consider their style

The first thing to do is consider the style of jewellery the person you are buying for already has. Take note if they wear silver, gold, titanium or lots of colourful gemstone jewellery or pearls.

Everyone has their own unique style and when it comes to jewellery there are many different styles and designs.

Consider their existing jewellery

Once you have got an idea of their own personal style, take note of what jewellery they already have. What you buy for them should compliment their other jewellery items.

A good idea is to even buy them a matching pendant to a favourite pair of earrings or ring they have.

Types of pendants

There are many different types of pendants and depending on their personal style and the jewellery they already have you may want to get them something to match their other jewellery or perhaps something they mentioned they liked they saw.

Gemstone pendants can look classical or more contemporary, depending on what you’re after. You may even want to consider buying them a pendant with their birthstone included in the design if you are looking for a gemstone pendant.

Hearts in both silver and gold, encrusted with diamonds or decorated with patterns are always a great classic style of pendant. Pearl pendants similarly do not date and are sure to be worn for years to come.

Will you buy it with a chain too?

Depending on the pendant, you may want to also buy a chain to match it. If however they have a few plain chains you know will match, there is no need to purchase one.

Consider your budget

A good idea is to work out your budget before going shopping. This will help to avoid any over-spending.

Pendants for friends

There are some great pendants perfect for that special friend. While a traditional heart is always nice, you may want something in the shape of their favourite animal, or includes their favourite colour in the design.

Pendants for partners

Shopping for an engagement ring when there are so many diamond rings to choose from can be stressful. Shopping for the perfect pendant is no different. Keep to the classic styles to make it easier and to choose something timeless. For something special, buy her a pendant that symbols love or two adjoining pendants, one for both of you.

Buying a pendant for someone is a wonderful gift idea. I hope our tips have helped you decide on how to shop and select the perfect pendant for that someone special.