How To Pick Your Fancy Dress Costume To Attract The Opposite Sex

Many people enjoy wearing superhero and villain costumes at fancy dress and Halloween events. Those that tend to avoid them may wish to reconsider and jump on the bandwagon.

Psychologists suggest that superhero costumes can be very attractive towards the opposite sex. Many of us are hard wired with a need or desire to believe in something more than our regular selves. This can often be rooted back to wanting to believe in god or a higher power or purpose. Superheros can often tap in to these desires and can cause others to be psychologically attracted to us without even being aware of why, even if they dislike your character or the concept of superheros.

With so much injustice in the world, many people are psychologically drawn towards the goodwill instilled in superheros. The feelings that cause us to remember that there are still people in our world who do go out of their way to do good. As human beings many of us have genetic impulses towards a feeling of safety. Superheros often bring these psychological feelings out and breed a level of positivity and attraction towards them. They also depict simplistic ideas, which everyone can understand and appreciate.

Superheros represent justice and truth. Its not until we grow older that we realise the world is not black and white. The memories of us as a child believing things are so simple often bring comfort to us and subconsciously cause attraction.

Another factor for men is that women can be genetically attracted to men who are likely to give them the strongest kids. This is a typical trait in many living beings. Its it a genetic coding rather than a personal choice. The reasoning behind it are to promote survival. Superhero costumes that promote strength and protection can take advantage of these feelings.

When it comes to villain costumes, evil does some pretty strange things to some people. Many people seem to be attracted to those labelled “bad”. Bad can make you sexier, increase attraction, and become seductive. The psychology of this reaction may be traced to childhood memories of being told to stay away from bad and negative things. This can often breed desire in us at an early age to experience them. For others it can also be as the result of people feeling like they can change us and make us good. Many people are hardwired in to thinking they can make a difference and help someone go from bad to good.

In light of this you may want to consider a superhero costume for your next fancy dress dress party or event. Specifically costumes that exhibit strength and the ability to protect. Alternatively you may wish to try the dark side and experiment with villain costumes. Have fun!

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