How to Make Sure Your Personalized Gifts Are a Hit

Personalized gifts are a great way to show a friend or loved one how much you really know and appreciate them. The forethought that goes into a personalized gift says so much – and it definitely prevents any speculation that you just dropped by the nearest novelty shop as a last minute chore. You can turn even the simplest item into a cherished keepsake by adding a personal message, picture, or monogram.

This guide will help you prepare the perfect personalized gift. Careful shopping and preparation will ensure that your gift is the hit of the party, whereas a misspelling or mistake could put a completely different spin on things.

Choosing the Right Personalized Gift

You might already have an idea of a gift, or you might be struggling to find a way to express your love or friendship. It helps to memorialize some shared interest or experience – personalized gaming gear is great for poker friends, a custom photo album or family shadowbox can celebrate the arrival of a new niece or nephew, you can even personalize placeholders (napkin rings are good) for the guests at your wedding.

Of course, useful is an important key word. A monogrammed pillowcase is technically useful, but recipients of cool personalized gifts want to show the gift off – not every gift meets this criteria. The poker gear mentioned above, perhaps adorned with the recipient’s favorite game-related saying or mantra, would make a one of a kind gift that will create smiles for years to come.

In other words, try to personalize something that your friend will enjoy showing off. Even something small, like cufflinks, are everyday useable and a tasteful way to merge personalization with function.

Wine glasses, barbeque sets, even billiards equipment is all customizable if you find the right manufacturer. We like personalized stationary kits for business occasions and small items like wind chimes or a garden stone engraved with names and years to celebrate the dedication of a structure like a new home or gazebo.

Another thing to consider is the provider that handles the personalization. Make sure to read reviews online, and if you choose to make an order, it is best to confirm it with somebody over the phone to make sure that all the information is correct – especially if you need your order in time for a special event.

What kind of personalized gift is right for your situation? Whether you are having a one-off gift customized by an artist, or are buying a personalized gift from a specialty retailer, we hope you’re able to find something that suits the occasion and the recipient.

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