How to Look After Min Pin Pregnancy

Min pin pregnancy should be handled with care. For one, the small size of the min pin and its temperament may lead the dog to become overly playful. After all, the dog is curious and playful in its surroundings. The most ideal time for breeding is when the dog is already about 2 ½ years old. By this time, most, if not all of the necessary tests have been performed on the min pin.

The mini pincher is small. As such, you need to look after it very carefully. When you have consulted your vet about the min pin pregnancy and the due date has been set, you need to take the temperature at least once everyday. The reason behind this is that labor is usually preceded by a drop in the the dog’s temperature. When the due date has arrived, choose a whelping are for her that is quiet and cannot be easily disturbed. If people came and went from this area, the delivery of a min pin may be severely affected. The puppies that will be delivered need heat because they do not have fat reserves yet and their coat can barely keep them warm. You need to heat the room for this purpose.

Inform your veterinary about the labor of the the dog’s pregnancy so that if anything happens, the vet can come over right away. Because of the small size of the dog and their small pelvis, they may have to be brought to the caesarian section. Otherwise, the heads of the puppies may barely get out of the birth canal. If it is your first time to breed one, don’t attempt the whelping by yourself as you might commit fatal mistakes. So call your friend or your vet who has experienced whelping before.

During pregnancy, make sure that your dog is not obese as this may cause complications during labor. It is important, however, that your min pin is a little fatter than they are that are not pregnant because she is also nourishing puppies inside her womb.

If everything goes well and the puppies shall have come out, you will have to secure food designed for breeding dogs. After min pin pregnancy, your dog will also need more meals everyday to compensate for the milk she gives for her puppies. If the number of puppies she has is more than three, then she needs help in feeding other pups. Every 24 hours, the pups should be fed to ensure that they grow healthy and strong.

You can consult your friends who also love min pins or better yet you can always visit your vet and consult about the pregnancy. You may have trouble in setting up the whelping area and in actually whelping your dog. But after all the trouble and difficulties you went through, when you see the pups as a result of the min pin pregnancy, you will realize that the efforts are all worth it.

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