How to Dress and Act Like a Ghetto Prep

If you don’t like ghetto, and you don’t like prep, you might like the two mixed together. Urban dictionary defines ghetto prep as a style of attire rather than attitude. It’s true that you really can’t act like a ghetto person and a prep at the same time, but you can dress like one. It almost seems conflicting as preps and ghetto people sometimes seem like complete opposites, but if you match the clothes right, you can look cool without being accused of being ghetto or prep. Mixing these two together is actually a lot easier than it might sound, you just have to know where to start. Just follow these steps and you can dress like a ghetto prep.

1. When you pick out clothes, make sure you they’re always basic colored. If your clothes are to colorful you might be mistaken for scene or emo. When buying name brands, you should definitely consider Hollister, Baby Phat, Southpole, and Ambercrombie and Fitch.

2. Girls should stick to wearing mostly skinny jeans. Guys, wear loose jeans and jean shorts that sit a little bit below your waist. If you start waddling like a penguin that’s a pretty good sign that you’re wearing them to low. Guys and girls both can wear plaid shorts, these are more preppy for guys and ghetto tom boy for girls.

3. For shoes, you should definitely invest in buying some Jordans or Nike dunks. These work whether you’re a guy or a girl.

4. Girls should wear their hair in a ponytail or have it straightened. Guys need to keep a short, clean cut. Keep your facing looking fresh by shaving off any facial hair and make sure your eyebrows aren’t bushy.

5. Guys should try to get their hands on a gold chain, or at least counterfeit gold. Girls have a lot of option when it comes to jewelry; hoop earrings, monroe piercing, and large intruding necklaces. Just try experimenting with jewelry until you have the right look, what looks good on some people doesn’t on others.

6. If you really want to look like a ghetto prep, then you need to have a ghetto prep attitude. Ghetto preps have the qualities of both preps and ghetto people. Some traits might be; nice, assertive, and just out there. You have to be a good person but be able to stick up for yourself when necessary. You have to be able to have fun all time and be fun to be around. You should also consider joining basketball, track, or football. If you join more preppy sports like golf or tennis you’re pretty much guaranteeing that your image will be ruined as a ghetto prep.

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