How To Determine What The Best Pre Shave Oil Is For You

Many men believe that using pre shave oil is the key to getting the smoothest, closest possible shave. But what is a pre shave oil’s purpose? Do you use it with or without cream? What is the best type?

Before shaving solutions softens facial hair before you start trimming. A quality pre shaving oil also hydrates the skin, nourishing it while lubricating the skin’s surface. A well-lubricated face allows your razor to easily and gently glide.

When these essentials are used, you get a closer shave and suffer less irritation and razor burn. The key is in finding your own solution, the one that you feel works best for your particular skin. Just make sure your chosen solution does not make your skin feel greasy.

When using wet shaving essentials, remember to rinse your razor more often. Many of these oils clog your razor and can reduce quality if you do not rinse enough. But this is only a minor consideration, given the improved quality of your shave when using the oil as part of your daily routine.

Is oil used with or without shaving cream?

This solution is best used as the first layer on your skin, after you have applied warm water to your skin for about three minutes. Apply a layer of pre oil, then use a badger shaving brush with quality shaving foam to create an opaque layer of shaving cream on top of the oil. Shave as you normally would, ensuring you rinse the razor as often as needed.

Ingredients to Look for in the Best Pre Shaving Essential

Pre shaving balms or essentials can have a wide variety of ingredients. But some ingredients are great for your skin. The best pre shave solution for your skin will be one with primarily natural ingredients and organic plant derivatives. Those ingredients include:

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil soothes and helps reduce razor burn. It leaves your skin more resistant to irritation.

Sunflower Seed Oil: This oil from sunflower seeds is light and will not clog your pores. It also does not make your skin feel greasy. It gently hydrates and softens your skin and facial hairs without heaviness of pre shave oil using other types of oil as a base.

Castor Oil: Castor oil really hydrates your skin and keeps it soft. It helps to reduce dryness or irritation.

Olive Oil: Helps stay on your skin for a more effective pass of the razor.

While there is no one best solution for all men, one of the world’s best essentials are made by Taylor of Old Bond Street. Their pre shave oil is in the top five of many well-groomed men’s lists due to it’s viscosity and aroma. Performance of this solution is also fantastic since it provides that glide needed to reduce skin irritation. While some men think the fragrance can be a bit strong, the scent is very pleasant and quick to fade after your grooming is complete.

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