Hippie Clothing Or Mexican Clothing – Baja Hoodie Poncho Sweater

There has been much debate on whether the famous baja hoodie poncho sweater should be categorized as a piece of hippie clothing or Mexican clothing. The reason being that baja poncho is made in Mexico but worn by hippies. If you go to Mexico, you will not see many people wearing baja hoodies around. But if you go to a Bob Marley concert you will find them all over. Mexico profits off of hippies when it comes to these baja shirts. So do you call a sweater by who wears it or by who makes it? The answer should be to keep the name of the sweater neutral.

Instead of giving the pullover sweatshirt a name like a drug rug, because of the hippie influence or a Mexican hoodie because of the fact they are made in Mexico, they should simply be known as Baja Hoodies. In Spanish the material they use is known by 2 names, franela or jerga. The best translation for those 2 word to English is baja. So the perfect name would be a baja hoodie pullover and not just a baja poncho because a poncho is without sleeves and a hood.

No matter who makes them or who wears them you can’t argue that they are great pieces of clothing and that everyone should own at least one in their lifetime. They are inexpensive and very easy to find on the Internet so don’t pay attention to debate over which name they should adopt and get yourself one for the winter.