Highly Rated Online Stores for Best Shopping Experience

Hello everyone. So I decided to make this post since a lot of people have been asking questions about legit online stores to get satisfactory quality goods ranging from house hold appliances to gadgets and accessories. Hence I’m gonna be making a review about one standard online store which I rate 95%.

A lot of people say shopping online is so much easier however it has its disadvantages some of which include late delivery, damaged items, goods not as described etc. As a result finding the right online shop that meets all the criteria needed for a successful shopping is very essential. Personally I’ve tried a lot of online sites but out of all these I find 3 most appealing.

Jumia online shop is wonderful, vast variety of goods, fast delivery, low shipping price but I’ll rate it 80% because sometimes the goods come faulty and refunding process could be pretty messy. Besides that, it’s a great store!

Aliexpress is another excellent online store. They have so many items which comes at an amazingly low price and in case you don’t want to buy from them, you can drop ship their items and make a couple bulks too. They also have free shipping on many of their items.
Most of their goods come all the way from china and hence, some of their items are of bad quality. Also, ordered goods could take a very long time to arrive depending on your location. Another issue is that some of their merchants package goods poorly and when they do arrive, they are sometimes damaged. However if such is the case, you can request a refund by attaching a picture showing a prove of the damages, your money would be refunded in a couple of days.

Finally, my number 1 online store. I rate this 95% because, I am fully satisfied with their performance.

A lot of you might be familiar with konga. Its an online store which provides you with a variety of goods and services. Although they have a lot of merchants, their goods most often than not are durable. This is because they go through rigorous checking just to ensure they fully satisfy the customers’ needs. Ive gotten a lot of stuffs from them – my s curl hair texturizer, my hoodie sweater, blender, toasting machine, refregerator, my sneakers, I also got my phablet(itel 1703, 6000mhz) from this store and I have been using it for over a year now.

So my recommendations is that y’all try konga online store… I’ll leave a link incase you’re interested in patronising.

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