Help Me Get Pregnant, SOS!

For some women, getting pregnant is something easier said than done. While some women are blessed with fertility, others find conceiving quite hard. If you are one of those women having trouble conceiving, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women from all corners of the globe are screaming: ‘Help Me Get Pregnant!’

Of course, the best way to get pregnant is by natural means. So try to exhaust all ways to get pregnant naturally before resorting to chemical, surgical and other non-natural means.

Here are a few helpful ‘Help Me Get Pregnant’ Tips:

  • Discontinue taking the pill for at least three months so that the reproductive system adjusts and goes back to normal to being off the pill before attempting to get pregnant.
  • Take the right amount of nutrients and supplements. Calcium, magnesium and zinc are great for increasing one’s fertility rate. Try taking herbal supplements like chamomile, ginseng, raspberry leaf and licorice root sustains a hormonal balance.
  • Determine when your ovulation period is. This is easy if you have a regular menstrual cycle. Ovulation is usually in the middle of the menstrual cycle, around the second week (14th day), but the timing largely varies among woman to woman. Have sex around the time you ovulate for higher chances of conceiving.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, doing drugs and exercise regularly. Reduce stress and eat healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food totally.

The most difficult time to get pregnant is when the woman is over the age of 40. If that’s the case, there may be other more advanced option to consider. You will have to settle for more serious methods such as fertility drugs, fertility treatment and other IVF treatments to get pregnant and conceive a baby. But before you do that, there are still a lot you can do to get pregnant the natural way.

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