Get Pregnant Fast – Natural Methods That Can Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Once you have made the decision to get pregnant, you obviously want it to happen very quickly. There are many natural methods that can help you get pregnant fast.

One of the most obvious ways to get pregnant fast is to have sex more often. While it is true that you will not get pregnant by having sex on days that you are not ovulating, many women do not ovulate at the exact time they think they will. Having sex two to three times a week will help ensure that you do not miss any opportunities.

To better predict just when you actually are ovulating, purchase an ovulation kit. Ovulation charts can be extremely confusing, but ovulation kits are simple to use and are accurate in detecting LH hormone levels. Fertility monitors can also be purchased. They are similar to ovulation kits, but have the added benefit of being able to detect changes in additional pregnancy related hormones.

Sperm can be killed by things such as artificial lubricants and saliva. You will want to keep the vaginal area clear of these. In addition, a pH imbalance can be brought on by the use of scented tampons and vaginal sprays. Do not use these when trying to conceive.

Consider giving up caffeine. Studies have shown that large amounts of caffeine, the equivalent of three or more cups of coffee per day, could cause fertility problems. Once pregnant, you will still want to avoid it, as it can restrict the growth of your baby by restricting some of the blood flow to the uterus.

If you smoke, quit. Smoking will thicken cervical mucus, which will not only make it harder to get pregnant, but also will increase the chances of a miscarriage once you are pregnant.

Your overall health plays a great role in whether or not you will be able to get pregnant fast. Pay close attention to nutrition, and try to stay at a healthy weight. Additionally, start taking folic acid as soon as you decide to try to become pregnant as it can lower the risk of certain birth defects.

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