G Strings – Not Your Granny’s Panties

If you wear plus size lingerie, toss out all of your old fashioned notions about women’s panties and discover the fun and pleasure of purchasing of some of the latest thongs, tangas and g-strings. For years panties, especially in larger sizes, were only available in basic, boring designs and materials. Now you can pamper your inner diva with undies that sizzle and please. Your choices are almost unlimited and sexy panties are available in every size to enhance and compliment all figures.

Briefs are the quintessential panty style that most people are familiar with and these give complete coverage of your body from the waist to the hip. Even some of these have increased their appeal by including sheer fabrics and sexy colors to the line.

Hi-cut briefs give wearers essentially the same amount of coverage but they are designed to expose most of the body on each side. This hi-cut leg feature gives a longer, leaner silhouette and adds comfort and coolness to the panties. These are a great way to add just a hint of sexy adventure to your daily undies.

Bikini panties are a long time favorite of millions and these are available in dozens of colors and styles. These are a very low cut design that rides low on the hips and high on the sides. Bikini cut panties still provide an adequate amount of coverage even though they fit much lower than standard panties do.

Boy shorts are one of the most popular choices for modern consumers. These sexy little panties are made to fit comfortably below the waistline and around the hips. They are low cut in a style similar to a pair of low cut boy’s briefs but often have a rear seam at the center so that they will not bunch. The stretchable fabrics they are made of can be playful and cute or elegantly sexy. When you wear a pair of lacey boy shorts it can almost look as though you are encased in the tiniest micro-mini. The comfort and fit has made them one of the most successful panty styles on the market.

Tangas are very similar to the boy short but they have a distinctive sexual nature. The cut of these panties exposes much of the butt cheeks and can extend to the sides as well. These are another popular panty style that is in high demand. The fabrics being used by manufacturers even includes a glow in the dark material for panties that will definitely be noticed.

The thong has been a hot seller for years and is a style that never seems to lose its appeal. This is a lingerie item that offers minimum coverage and maximum exposure. There is a small bit of material in the front that covers the pubic area and this is connected to a thin waistband. The crotch is an extremely narrow strip of material that attaches to the waistband by curving under the body and between the butt cheeks.

Tap pants are similar to the boy shorts but they have a flirty appeal all their own. This low cut panty style fits around the hips and just brushes the very top crease of the thigh. The legs are loosely fitting which adds a youthful look and comfort at the same time. Tap pants can be found in a variety of fabrics so that they can be worn with almost any garment you own.

G-strings used to be considered something only a stripper would wear, but these days they are extremely popular. Similar to the thong, the g-string’s waistband and back strip are nothing more than, yep, strings of fabric.