Filtering Out the Allergens With the Miele S5 Vacuum Cleaner

Filtering out allergens has been my main priority for the entirety of my life. I suffer from hay fever, dust allergies and even allergies to cats. I tried to find a vacuum to replace my old one because every time I used it and had to empty the bags, my allergies just went nuts.

I literally felt my sinuses and nose get instantly congested and even my throat beginning to seal up. So, when I got the best Miele vacuum, it was never about vanity, but about what could one day be a life and death situation.

After buying my machine, my allergies improved greatly. I spent less time popping allergy pills and more time enjoying the pleasures of living. Even my friends noticed the difference, but not as much as I did.

So, what other things make the best Miele vacuum so important to me? Well, it really did save my life, and I was actually able to get a pet after so long without as the dander and hair didn’t bother me as much. The benefits to my life and health were insurmountable. Check these out:

• controls allergies
• HEPA filter
• better than any air purifier
• 12 models available – Calypso, Pisces, S163, Twist, Red Electro, Dog and Cat, Polaris, Neptune, Leo, Earth, Capricorn, S168, Salsa, Jazz, Bolero, Tango, Swing and Eclipse
• gets more than 99% of all harmful airborne allergens
• uses activated charcoal to clean the air

The best Miele vacuum is hard to determine because each of their models offers different variations of the same thing. Whatever the case, each one is very good at eliminating allergens in your home, allowing people like me to enjoy more breathable air and a life without feeling fatigued all the time from having to fight toxins that might one day threaten my life. You can even mark the date that the filter needs cleaning right on it to remind you.

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