Erect Penis in Public? How to Conceal the Bulge

Few thoughts haunt a man more than that of his penis popping up at an inopportune time, but it’s bound to happen. The good news is that frequent erections are a sign of penis health. Unfortunately, a man doesn’t always have control over when they occur. The following tips can help men conceal an erect penis in public.

Choose pants wisely. Loose pants made of a material that has some toughness, such as khakis, are best for obscuring public erections. Anything softer, such as track pants, will give the member free reign to protrude, and tight pants will only accentuate the bulge.

Tuck it in. The erect penis can be slipped into the waistline of a man’s pants to make it less noticeable. If a man feels it coming on and has time to get to a bathroom, this may be his best option.

Untuck. The shirt, that is. Having a shirt long enough to cover the crotch if needed is a huge boon in the bulge-hiding department.

Get professional. Carrying a briefcase lends a person an air of professionalism; it also gives a man the perfect prop for covering a stubborn erection.

Get scholarly. Holding a book in front of the groin will do in a pinch. This will work even better if a man sits down – it might not look as natural if he’s standing.

Lean forward. Coming up with a reason to lean forward – inspecting something a bit more closely, for example – can help hide a public stiffy. Paired with the untucking of the shirt, a man will successfully manage the situation with this method.

Shut it down. Some men are able to tame their erections with the use of their minds – by thinking of something particularly unsexy, possibly even upsetting. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for the men who find this effective, it may be worth a bit of mental distress.

Pocket it. While seated, a man can simply stick his hand in his pocket and, sneakily, move the boner to a position where he can easily hold it against his thigh. Note: The physical contact here might be stimulating to the already-hard manhood. Keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to try this technique.

Get some exercise. This might be a great time to go for a brisk walk – first, to get oneself away from a crowd, and second, to get the blood flowing to other parts of the body. Erections occur when blood rushes into the penis, so pumping it to other areas could help de-escalate the situation.

Men should try to keep in mind that the occasional unwanted erection is a totally normal and natural part of having a penis, and nearly every guy has experienced the same exact thing. There’s no need to feel shame; these things can happen no matter where a man is or what he’s thinking about. Still, in the name of modesty and public decency, it’s good to make some effort to keep the matter to oneself to the extent that is possible.

Of course, there are times when a man is happy to show off his erect penis to a willing partner, and in this instance, it’s reassuring for a man to know that he’s done all he can to take care of his penile skin. Using a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E will keep the skin smooth, supple and radiant. This isn’t only good for how the penis looks, but its ability to pick up on pleasurable sensations as well. Taking such good care of the manhood will ensure that it’s something to show off – at the right place and time.