Dress to Kill – Be More Visible Than Ever!

What’s incredible about clothes and looks is that you can set up a message before even going out of your home. The same goes for your dates, you can prepare them in advance! What are you about? What are your best assets? Just how beautiful can you be for your man?

Clothes as a vehicle to display your attitude

There are two ways to dress to attract men. You can either go for very strong and short-term attention, or you can go for some real interest triggering long-term attraction. Using provocation is not a long-term potion when it comes to men. If you want to be seen as a woman he will be proud to have by his side, you will have to drop any unacceptable or inappropriate skirts for example, no matter how guys in general think they’re sexy.

Look at yourself in the mirror and take note of the things you like about your body. The next time you dress up for your date, make sure to emphasize these features carefully picking of clothes.

Leave some things to his imagination

Make a small self-analysis and notice that you do have some assets that stand out more than others. You will have to put them even more at the forefront on the attention, but without hurting your overall class and image. It is a good idea to keep some parts hidden so that you always leave his eyes wanting more. If you’re so sexy that his mind can’t even handle it, he will rationalize that there is probably something wrong with you anyway.

Lastly, there’s no place to hide when it comes to clothes. They reveal tons of things about you whether you like it or not. Provocative clothes display that you’re confident but it could also have to do with being desperate for attention. Too much of something that turns him on will turn him off for obvious reasons! Be beautiful and be appropriate at all times and you will be fine.

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