Do Vampires Go Through Menopause?

Okay, I’m kidding. Really. Well, maybe not so much. Given the endless TV shows lately with vampires and werewolves I thought it might be relevant. And… you must admit it’s an interesting topic line and got your attention… Seriously… Menopause is a very misunderstood stage in everyone’s life. The part of me immersed in holistic wellness is seeing way too much of it with struggling couples. Personally, I feel that any male who remains attached to a partner going through meno deserves an extreme sports award. No wonder men tend to enter into affairs during this time. Hec, my husband has to follow me around the house to be sure I’m not about to blow something up. Just today, I forgot to click the gas cap back on the gas tank and drove home with the lid flipped open. No, I embellish not. That’s a true story. SO… bottom line. How can men better understand what their female partners are going through during this stage of their lives… where do you go to sift through the endless onslaught of information, and where should men draw the line as to what is healthy, and what is unhealthy when living with a partner who is mood challenged, sexually unraveling and can’t remember to turn the coffee machine off before leaving for work. There has to be some middle ground.

I once worked for a family where the husband was a fireman. His wife of 8 years somehow transformed into an emotional wildebeest after the birth of their second child. I recall him coming home with his head hanging after he’d been down at the station with his ‘crew’ and I assumed from his posture he’d had an extremely rough day. He looked at me and said ” I can’t believe it… I mean… I just cannot believe it. The guys at the station are making fun of me because I ran back into a burning (house) to save the family goldfish”… pause, sigh… ” I mean, doesn’t a gold fish have the right to live too?” I assured him I was a strong advocate for goldfish and believed his actions to be more than noble. He smiled, then wryly added “You’ve worked in holistic stuff for some time now, right?” I nodded a yes. “Well, I’m having some difficulty with the younger guys at the station… some of their wives seem to be going into hormonal hell after their first babies… I keep telling them to be careful and NOT divorce their wives too fast or get into affairs until they understand what goes on in a females body but the guys are not listening. I want my crew to be strong… and their families to do well too. I sure wish there was some way to educate them… they think I’m being old fashioned” MY GAWD I thought… not only is this guy a fireman… he’s a dedicated dad, loyal husband, he saves goldfish and he’s WISE too. All that in one man? WHOA! Whats not to love?

So, I’m just thinking out loud here. I was invited to publish a story. I was probably supposed to write something corporately clever or a heady business wise article… but really, I thought… since I’m immersed in the healthy – wealthy and wise metaphysical and holistic arts… I just wonder? Maybe there are some guys out there going through situations with hormonal hell laden partners that care to share on behalf of saving another guys sanity? Maybe someone will discover they are not alone. Perhaps we’ll all glean some additional worthy resources to pass around… and shouldn’t I plug my own consulting skills if you just feel you need to talk to someone normal who won’t judge you because your wife left your kid in the bathtub over night?… if so… you know where to find me. And there are also health care professionals who now specialize in just hormone therapies. Everything said and done though, I really do wonder if vampires have ever had to deal with all this?

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