Diamond Earrings – The Perfect Gift For Special Occasions


Earrings are the most sought-after gifts that can be given on almost any special occasion. Be it your daughter’s birthday or your wife’s anniversary, diamond studded earrings make for a marvelous gift. You should keep in mind what the person usually likes to wear while selecting diamond earrings to give as a gift. The age of the person and her face shape should also be kept in mind. A woman’s skin tone can also determine which color of metal will be flattering when choosing diamond earrings.

Diamond studs

Stud earrings, also known as diamond solitaire earrings, are the most popular style of diamond earrings and are available in different metals like white gold, rose gold, platinum, and so on. The diamonds in these studs are commonly held with four or six metal arms called prongs. The size of the diamonds can range from.05ct (infant size) to much larger. An important thing to consider is that the size of the diamond should be appropriate. It should neither be too small to be noticed, nor too large for your ears to support. Diamond studs usually look wonderful on many face shapes, and can accommodate nearly any wardrobe.

Diamond hoops

Hoop earrings are another popular style of earring for women. They are most commonly available in a round shape with a post backing. Wearing these types of diamond earrings is very easy and comfortable. Diamond hoops are made by setting various diamonds in a continuous flow. There can be one or multiple rows of diamonds to give your earrings a dazzling look. The size of the diamond hoops should be wisely decided depending upon the occasion, age, and preferences of the person for whom you are purchasing this precious gift.

Diamond drop earrings

There are countless designs of diamond earrings to choose from when you are looking for diamond drop earrings. These earrings are usually secured to your ear with a post-and-back design. Diamond drop earrings usually go well with formal attire. These earrings generally dangle at varying lengths, from a very tiny drop to a neck-grazing length. Short and narrow drop earrings generally suit a longer, narrower face shape, whereas longer drop earrings can balance a rounder, wider face shape.

Studded earrings are the perfect gift for many occasions.