CZ Rings

If you are preparing to get engaged, you may be overwhelmed at the exorbitant cost of diamond engagement rings. A cubic zirconia or cz ring may be a good alternate choice. In recent years, cz’s have gotten to be an extremely popular stone choice for both engagement and wedding rings. Prices for these rings range from $30 for a silver ring that includes a quarter of a carat of cubic zirconia and even get as high as many thousands of dollars for the top-of-the-line quality 5 carat and larger stones that are set in platinum. Regardless of your budget, you will be able to find a CZ ring in every kind of shape, color, size, and metal.

Cubic zirconia cuts are actually identical to those of natural diamonds. They are both very wearable and beautiful because of their clarity and exact faceting. They can also be colorful and work just as well with a formal wedding dress as it well with dressed-down jeans.

If you are in the market for an engagement or a wedding ring, you will first want to try and slim down your options by picking one of the main gem stone cuts for your cubic zirconia. The two basic gemstone cuts are the step cut and the brilliant cut. The step cut has facets that are parallel to each other and is a rectangle in shape. It’s reputation is that it is both glass like and elegant.

The emerald cut, which is a variation of the step cut, has a similar kind of facet but with corners that are rounded off. Brilliant cut cubic zirconias are usually brighter and have the most sparkle of any cut because it has 58 different facets. The round brilliant cut solitaire stone is one of the more popular selections for wedding rings.