Conceiving Positions For Pregnancy – Secrets You Should Know

If you and your partner have been trying to make a baby, but sex as you know it doesn’t seem to be working, you might want to try tantric sex. More than the conceiving positions it teaches, it invites you as a couple to improve your physical and sexual health towards a more enhanced fertility. What is tantric sex?

Historically, tantric sex is believed by many to be of Hindu origin. It is based on the philosophy that orgasm is not the end goal of sex, but rather the harmony of your body’s inner energy centers, called chakras by the Hindus.

Such harmony can only be achieved when energy can freely flow through all your chakras, resulting in a holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit; hence, good health. Since tantric sex promotes holistic integration, the tantric practices involved in it become part of your daily life. This is so unlike traditional sex, which in contrast can sometimes be more of a display of one’s sexual prowess. The benefits of tantric sex

Aside from improving your physical health, tantric sex can also improve your sexual health as a couple. It teaches very specific sexual techniques and positions that other couples claim have helped them to conceive. The good thing about it is that anyone can reap its benefits regardless of personal, spiritual, or cultural background.

Couples who have tried it testify to the rejuvenating effect of tantric sex. And believe it or not, correct orgasmic technique has a lot to do with this. The juice on tantric orgasm

You may not know it, but scientific studies show that frequent and powerful orgasms stimulate your brain and improve your body’s chemistry. Orgasm releases a brain hormone called oxytocin, sometimes called the “love hormone” that drives you emotionally and sexually closer to your partner. The afterglow that many women experience is also attributed to this hormone.

Secondly, tantric orgasms can effectively relieve depression and stress because they are prolonged and because they allow you to experience such liberating ecstasy.

Thirdly, tantric orgasm can prolong your life. A study in the British Medical Journal kept a tab on 1,000 male participants, and found that those who have sex at least twice a week have lower mortality rates compared to those who have less frequent sex. Although there is a big correlation between their mortality and sexual activity, researchers continue to dig deeper into the finding. Tantric sex 101

Here are four easy techniques to help you and your partner get started with tantric sex. 1. Select a tantric spot

Intimacy is an essential part of tantric sex. Set the right mood by choosing a relaxed, sexually-stimulating area in your home, preferably clutter-free. Remove all distracting objects, for instance bright-colored decor. Replace them with flowers, aromatic candles, and earth-tone fabrics. Let soft, sensual music play in the background. Tonight, your eyes will be on each other only and on nothing else. 2. Synchronize your breathing

When the time has come, do the yab-yom position by sitting on your partner’s lap, facing each other. Breathe in and let your partner breathe out. The idea is to take in each other’s breath, symbolic of sharing yourself with each other. As you do this, be aware of your breathing, which is one foundation of tantric sex. 3. Don’t close your eyes

Wendy Strgar, CEO of Good, Clean Love-a company that sells natural love products-says keeping your eyes open during sex is fundamental to establishing deep connection and intimacy with your partner. Ironically, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But as you and your partner purposefully attempt this, Strgar says it will change the way you think about your partner. There is something profoundly transformative about witnessing the act of love, she says. 4. Linger

Linger in foreplay. In tantric sex, foreplay helps you as a couple build energy for longer love-making. It helps the man control his energy, while the woman becomes more sexually aroused. Thus, the longer the foreplay, the longer the love-making. After all, orgasm is not the end goal of tantric sex. It is for you to have a deeper appreciation for yourself and your partner. So don’t rush. Take time to explore.