Coca-Cola Causes Acne – Fact or Myth?

Now this question may not be as famous as the idea that chocolate causes acne but it still gets a lot of people wondering about it. You already stopped eating something you love as much as chocolate because of one of these old house wives tales and I am sure you don’t really want to stop drinking one of your favorite soft drinks and find this to just be nothing more than a myth. So before you stop drinking coca-cola you should probably read this first and then you decide.

Now the first thing that you really have to understand is what are the causes of acne and acne breakouts and what are the factors that help contribute to causing acne. Acne starts when sebum oil, which is produced naturally to moisturize the skin, gets trapped underneath the skin. This can happen for any reason, such as the pores in the skin might be clogged by an over production of the oil, or simply from the top of the skin for some reason. At any rate this clogged pore is the start to a pimple, when you pop it you release the excess oil in the pore and the skin goes back to normal. Acne is really caused by hormonal activity as the production of sebum oil is affected by the level of hormones in the body so Coca-Cola really cannot be a contributory reason towards the cause of acne.

So you can feel safe and free to drink as much Coca-Cola as you want to now that you know that it can’t cause acne, but watch out for those calories because it’s still very capable of causing weight gain. The next time you should hear one of these myths or tale you should get a little facts about it before you go throw out something you enjoy eating or drinking.

Even though coca-cola cannot cause acne by itself a bad diet will. A bad diet will cause acne simply because certain foods such as fat, sugar and others are capable of affecting your hormone production and this will lead to an over production of sebum oil and an acne situation. It does not really matter what you eat once you are eating right and have balance in your diet because a reasonable amount of any food won’t cause acne problems, but an overall bad diet will so just remember to eat right and this should ease up your acne problem or help prevent it from getting worse.

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