Choosing the Right Sunblock For the Occasion

The sun is what we always wait for each day. Its warmth always makes our day fell brighter and happier. Thus, some people just love doing outdoor activity and let the heat of the sun touches their skin. However, as we know, prolonged exposure to the sun leads to skin damage and further, skin cancer. In fact, melanoma is the most common disease found in people who have higher exposure to the sun. Off course, we can prevent this by using perfect and suitable chemical sunscreen and sun block. But how do we choose the right ones when there are so many choices in the market? Well, let’s see the factors one by one.

First thing we need to do is defining our skin color. Fairer skin tends to get tan and burnt easily. Hence it is suggested to always choose the brands with higher SPF (sun protection factor).

Second, always classify whether the affected skin is oily, normal or dry. It will be useful when choosing the right brand, texture and spectrum coverage.

Third, as there are many products marketed as sunscreen as well, there is slight confusion between those both. Sunscreen is slightly sheer and do still allow some radiation reached the skin though it protects against UVA, UVB or both. Because of its texture, it must be re-applied every few hours as some sunscreen products tend to be unstable under direct sunlight. Sun block has all the capability of sunscreen minus its instability but it is more solid.

Fourth thing we must remember is the most important point. We must define our activities are. It is suggested to divide first whether it is indoor or outdoor activity, or whether it will be much related to water sports or a picnic in the park full of trees shade. Then, how do we combine all factors into something that is applicable? Below are the examples.

  1. If most of your activity has been done indoor, you can choose sunscreen instead of sun block. It will come handy when you need to apply makeup as well.
  2. If most of it outdoor, choose sun block instead.
  3. If the outdoor activity is a kind of picnic in the park, then there is no need to choose waterproof products.
  4. But, if you play on the beach or swim in the open-rooftop pool, a waterproof one is a must.
  5. There is this opinion that the higher the SPF is, the more prone to blackheads the sun block is. But, some products are way forward-thinking by creating a noncomedogenic cream.

Rule of thumb is always choosing safe products designed specifically for each body part. Oriflame has this brand SOL Family Medium Sun block Cream which is suitable for the family. It is available for both the face and the body as well. You might check on how to purchase the products in below sites.

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