Can You Stretch Your Diesel Jeans Correctly?

As to be one of the must-have garments for the fashion, the diesel jeans always fit your body perfectly when it is new. However, most diesel jeans will become out of shape after washing or other accidents. Generally, the jeans will shrink after washing, which make it too tight to out on. Here are some useful tips for you to recover your jeans to fit you again.

Figure out exactly which parts of your diesel jeans are tight and need to stretch by putting on your jeans. As we all know that the fabric weave in the bottom and thighs is horizontally stretched. According to most people with standard body, the bottom and thighs of the jeans require to stretch usually. The waistband of the jeans is almost fixed, that is why it is difficult to stretch. If possible, you can choose the jeans with a little bigger waistband, since most jeans fabric will shrink to some extent.

Search a small water bottle with nozzle. And get the bottle with tepid water and set the nozzle spray to the medium. Do not to overfill the bottle to avoid water leaking.

Get the proper process for different parts of the diesel clothing. If you’d like to stretch the buttock of the jeans first, spray the buttock part until it is wet. Put the buttock part on any of your kneecaps and pull it strongly for some seconds continuously. Change the other parts and make them in the same way. Put on the diesel jeans when completely finished.

For the thigh part of the men’s diesel jeans, just do it as the buttock part. Put on the jeans immediately when after stretching. It is maybe still wet, and it will become dry with your body’s heat after some minutes. If possible, you can try your jeans on the model’s body to stretch as it is wet and quite uncomfortable on the body.

It is better to put your diesel jeans on the model’s body after washing. You will get more comfortable feeling when wear it again. Let your jeans do more exercise when it is on your body. It is important to keep the jeans’ original shape by dry washing instead of washing with water.

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