Body Shape – How to Dress and What to Wear For Small Shoulder Or Slope Shoulder

Defined shoulders always make a lady’s arms look sexy. The shape of your shoulders can affect the overall appearance of an outfit and they seldom catch the attention that they deserve. Clothing that fits poorly upon your shoulders can destroy a chic silhouette. You might know your body shape, but did you know that your shoulders are the next most substantial aspect to silhouette proportion? Listed below are some guidelines that can help to address your narrow shoulders body shape, once you know how to dress a narrow shoulder, your self-confidence will growth and your inner beauty and personality will come shining through.

The ideal shoulder line balances the hips and create a proportion body shape so choose the most flattering sleeve, collar, neckline, color, fabrics and seaming detail to help balance your entire body shape.


  • Select tops with the following kind of sleeve such as cap sleeve, puff sleeve, leg-of-mutton-sleeves, gathered sleeves, sleeves that draw up with ruching or fluted angel sleeves. They will deliver the effect of broadening your shoulders in a beautiful and feminine way. But be sure that the shoulder seam of the sleeve fit your shoulders perfectly and in the right position. You will not get that elongated lean line if the shoulder seams drops off your shoulder and appears too big.
  • you can also try out tops with draping off the shoulder sleeves, it also work well at broadening the upper body.
  • Sleeveless clothes that are cut in at the shoulder should be avoided as they tend to make the shoulder appear even narrower. If you want to wear sleeveless tops, opt for wider straps.
  • be sure to avoid raglan, kimono and dolman sleeves since all these sleeves make your shoulder look smaller.


  • When it comes to the neckline, make sure to select a neckline that is wide and shallow which delivers a horizontally widening effect such as Boat necks, Sabrina necklines, sweetheart necklines” or “Cowl necklines, Off the shoulder, a wide “V” neckline, wide scoop neckline, crew necks and so on. Avoid choosing those necklines that is narrow and plunging such as narrow deep V, U or square shapes. As it is narrow and deep, it will draw the eye inwards and diminish your shoulders even further thus projecting a triangular body shape.
  • wrap tops are anther good alternative as it will likewise create the illusion of heavier shoulders.
  • if you like straps dresses or tops, avoid thin spaghetti straps, choose a wide strap, the wider the strap the broader the shoulder look.
  • halter necklines should be avoided as they tend to make shoulders appear narrower


  • Choose tops with large collars, extended collars with over sized lapels bring wonders upon narrow shoulders.
  • Polo-necks and turtle-necks are also good alternatives.
  • Sailor collars or peaked lapels is likewise another selection.
  • avoid collarless shirts and jackets, these styles tend to make your shoulders appear even narrower.


  • choose a lighter color or prints for the tops since light colors will assist to bring visual width to your upper body. For the better effect in shoulder widening, look for a apparel that features horizontal stripes in the upper torso.
  • a metallic color like gold will also serve to extend your shoulders since it reflects light.
  • avoid vertical stripes or dark color tops because these will make your shoulders look narrower. Vertical stripes or dark color should be worn at the lower body to give you a long lean and elongated silhouette. With a taller figure, the shoulder will look wider and your body shape will appear more proportionate.


  • a jacket or cardigan sweater, casually draped around the shoulders also makes them appear wider and tends to equalize the hip and shoulders.
  • a stiff, thicker and structured fabric can help add some volume to your shoulder area, you may try fabric that bears some texture such as tweeds, boucle and angora blend knits.
  • If you like to wear T-Shirts, try to look for T-shirt styles in fabrics that are of a decent weight, as these will add much subtle volume to your upper body. Knit styles T-shirts made from cashmere and angora could actually help soften the visual aspect of boney shoulders.
  • avoid thin and soft fabrics that cling to the body since they will give away your body shape.


  • another option you have is to look for big designs on your tops as that will make your upper torso appear broader.
  • try tops with detailing such as frills, epaulettes, horizontal seam lines like yokes, and pockets across the chest.


  • try using fashion jewelries to divert the attention of people away from the shoulders.
  • scarf worn over the shoulders will also have a horizontal effects to produce a broadening illusion.
  • try wearing waistline cinching belts or any other accessories that can make your waist look smaller thus giving you a more proportional silhouette.


  • it is best to wear rather structured apparel such as suit jackets and tailor-made shirts with nipped-in waistlines.
  • Shift dresses are generally a very flattering choice, especially if they have a boat neckline.
  • try dress shirts that have got darts round the shoulders and are placed at an angle rather than straight over
  • layering on the tops such as a loose shirt over a body suit, jacket or cardigan over tops will help to add volume to your shoulders.
  • Military style design clothing is also a effective alternative.
  • try to avoid wide skirt or dresses that have a wide bottom as it will give you a triangle silhouette which make the shoulders look narrow.
  • also avoid skin tight T-shirt because these can highlight the difference between your upper and lower body. But if you like wear skin tight T-shirt, get one that drapes a little through the shoulder area.


  • start wearing high heels shoes as they will help you increase your height, giving you a long lean and elongated silhouette making your body shape look more proportion.
  • it is also recommended to cut your hair to elbow length so that sometime you can use it to cover your shoulder.
  • shoulder pads are always good to have to elevate sloping and narrow shoulders. Soft rounded shoulder pads are more natural when placed under clothes as it give your shoulders a nicely tapered look.
  • you can also try clothing that can zipped at mid-waist to create a wide V, or tie a sweater over your shoulders for extra broadening.
  • shoulder exercises such military press, front raise and lateral raise will help to developed your shoulders.

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