Blue Light Laser Acne Treatment: A New Technology for Acne Treatment

A person who is suffering from acne for a long time and tried already over the counter drugs and treatments is recommended to try blue light laser acne treatment. Blue light laser acne treatment is used to clear and reverse mild to moderate pimples. The laser treatments are usually done once every one to two months, depending on the severity of the case. This new type of treatment for acne destroys P. Vulgaris which is the bacteria that causes acne. It thrives in oil and clog pores that causes acne and other blemishes.

Blue-light is now FDA approved for moderate acne and is attractively popular treatment. During the course of the blue light laser acne treatment, a topical gel will be applied half an hour before the treatment then a light source will be placed on the face for approximately 30 minutes. After the treatment, a cream is prescribed by a dermatologist to be applied on the skin to protect skin from sunlight. The treatment is painless and no discomforts have been reported after the treatment. The technology is still new; however, the patients who undergone treatments displayed an improvement on their skin with more than half displayed fewer breakouts. The blue-light therapy today is no longer using UV light for it can damage the skin. Normally, patients are given eight sessions over a four- week period. The treatment is easy that you actually do it at home as prescribed by the dermatologist. It is completely safe for all ages. However, you must be aware that this kind of treatment is quite expensive and may not be covered by your insurance company.

There are very minimal reported side effects of the laser acne treatments like dry skin, inflammation around the treated areas, and discoloration which are often mild and disappear after one to two days. Dry skin can be managed with a moisturizer. Though no reports have been made and hard to prove, there are experts say that prolong exposure to blue light laser acne treatment can cause cancer.

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