Black Cohosh And Men – Mix With Caution

Black cohosh is an herbal remedy that has gained a lot of popularity as a

potential treatment for a number of different conditions. It has really gained

ground in regard to treating some of the more troublesome symptoms of menopause.

And while many believe this herb works well for menopause symptoms, the truth is

there have been very few studies to suggest effectiveness when black cohosh and

men mix. Most scientific data involves black cohosh and women.

With many of the symptoms of male menopause mimicking those of female menopause,

black cohosh and men are not at all an uncommon combination. Men take black

cohosh for the same reasons as women. They wish to relieve hot flashes, mood

swings and other symptoms that can go along with hormonal change. There are some

reports of black cohosh and men having good results, but the truth is very few

focused studies have been completed.

The unfortunate truth is that this particular herb can cause some very serious

potential side effects in both men and women. Despite some very strong concerns,

black cohosh and men and even women does show some promise for menopausal

treatment. Some studies have suggested that mood swings, hot flashes, heart

palpitations and more can actually improve when black cohosh is taken. These

studies, however, have focused more on women rather than black cohosh and men.

Also, there is a lack of solid, long-term studies about this herb’s use over

extended periods of time.

The use of this herb originated with the American Indians, who used it to treat

a variety of conditions. Through the years, it has been thought to be effective

for everything from gynecological problems and snakebites to arthritis and


The number one concern with black cohosh and men and women, too, is liver

inflammation and potential hepatitis development. The usage of black cohosh can

cause the body’s autoimmune system to gradually attack liver cells. This is

believed to lead to autoimmune hepatitis, which can result in death if it

advances or is left untreated. With this in mind, it is suggested that men and

women both who take black cohosh should request liver function tests from their

doctors. It is not a bad idea for men and women who wish to take black cohosh to

discuss its use with a medical professional first.

It is also strongly advised that black cohosh and men should not mix when

prostate cancer is present. The impacts of the herbs can present too many side

issues in this case.

Other potential side effects black cohosh may have on people include such things

as seizures, slowed heart beat and vision problems. Men who experience these

side effects should immediately cease taking black cohosh. It is also extremely

wise to seek medical attention if the major side effects present themselves.

Lesser side effects of taking black cohosh can include dizziness, cramps,

vomiting, weight gain, sweating, headaches and more. It is often suggested that

the use of this herb be discontinued if the lesser effects present, as well.

Black cohosh and men can go together to battle the symptoms of male menopause

and a number of other conditions. The herb is considered very useful in the

treatment of a number of different conditions and has long been used as a

natural alternative to synthetic medicines. There have been some strong signs of

promise when black cohosh is used in extreme moderation. Long-term use remains

unclear in its potential impacts.

Although there are some promising signs for those who treat menopausal symptoms

with black cohosh, there remains a need for much greater study. Since most of

the study to date revolves around women, it is wise for men to proceed with

caution when considering this treatment.