Are You Using Anti-Freeze To Treat Your Acne?

If your reading this I will assume that your life has some how been impacted my the highly irritating disease called acne. It is not surprising that you have been affected by it in some way seeing as though it is the most common of the skin diseases and affects close to 17 million people in the United States. It is most common among young adults ranging from 12-14, nearly 85 percent have acne; however acne still occurs among people who are below and above this age group. Acne will seize to exist for some by age 30, however for many it lasts until they are in their fifties.

Many people use products on their faces and other areas of their body that prevent acne. What many people neglect to investigate is exactly what they are putting on their skin. The answer is harmful chemicals. Your acne products may contain chemicals that, in high doses, are banned because they are so lethal. Some of these chemicals include Propylene Glycol which is a cosmetic form of mineral oil that is found in automatic brake fluid, hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet users are warned to avoid skin contact as it is a strong skin irritant and can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Alcohol is commonly used in acne products as well. Take note that it is not the same as the alcohol that is found in alcoholic drinks, it is much more dangerous. Alcohol can make your bodies tissue more vulnerable to carcinogens, an agent directly involved in the promotion of caner. Glycerine, which is a syrupy liquid chemically produced by combining water and fats, is also very commonly used in acne products. Most products with glycerine in their ingredients claim to be “replenishing” or “moisturizing” when in fact using glycerine on your skin only makes your skin progressively worse by drying your skin from the inside out. Other products this chemical is found in are insect repellent, car glaze and paint cleaner.

After reading these facts I hope you are as disgusted and, above all, worried as I am. You may be cleaning your skin with the same chemicals you use in your cars engine. you may be putting a chemical on your skin that you can also use to polish your floors.

The best method for curing acne is naturally whether it is a home remedy or a natural face washing product. Also, to prevent the cause of acne it is best to use natural cosmetics and lotions/moisturizers on your skin.

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