A Great Alternative to the Traditional Pass the Parcel Party Game

Pass the Parcel is a traditional party game that dates back to the medieval times. Even after many centuries it still is the most popular children’s party game!

Traditionally in the Medieval times, pass the parcel was made up of gifts and forfeits which were wrapped in layers of cloth. This was passed around the guests to music and when the music stopped the person holding the parcel had to remove a layer of cloth to reveal the gift or forfeit. The winner was the person who was left with the last gift which was often the best prize!

Most parents today make up a pass the parcel themselves which is simple to do and usually wrap toys and sweets in layers of paper instead. This is fine, however when children pass the parcel around to music, younger children especially, unintentionally end up tearing through more than layer and the gifts/sweets end up flying out of the parcel! Also when a child receives the last gift which is usually the ‘bigger’ prize, this can cause a little bit of jealousy, even if it is the birthday girl or boy that wins!

A Lucky Dip box makes a wonderful alternative to using a layered pass the parcel.

Not only does it look great, children will love the excitement and suspense that a lucky dip creates.

It is very simple to create a lucky dip box, here how to make one up in 5 easy steps:

1. Get an old cardboard box, a size that isn’t too big and can easily be passed around, especially for smaller children.

2. Cover the box with any type of gift wrap, you can even use plain white paper and create a design of your own.

3. Cut a round or square hole out of the top of the box that is big enough for children to put their hands through and for the gifts to be pulled out of.

4. Wrap each gift in wrapping paper or tissue paper and put them all into the lucky dip box.

5. Once all the gifts are in the box, fill the rest of the box with some shredded tissue paper or polystyrene shapes and mix around a bit.

There you have it, a wonderful looking lucky dip box that can be used to pass around to music. When the music stops the child gets to dip their hand in and pull out a wrapped present!

Each child should get a chance to dip in the box and there is no ‘one winner’ as such as everyone is a winner!