4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Plastic Surgery

All surgeries, whether elective plastic or cosmetic surgery, comes with risks and possible complications. Now, if the potential patients have a healthy condition, this will improve their overall experience. There are 5 things they need to consider when planning to undergo a cosmetic/reconstructive procedure:

Overall Health

The ideal candidates that can go through cosmetic surgery are men and women who:

  • want to improve their physical appearance
  • are realistic in their expectations
  • are physically healthy and have a stable weight
  • do not smoke

If potential patients are planning to have a baby or lose a considerable amount of weight, they should think of postponing cosmetic surgery until they have accomplished their goals. Changes is weight after surgery can affect their aesthetic improvements. Getting rid of extra pounds before surgery can also minimize the risk of complications.

They need a right mindset to get successful results. Cosmetic surgery is not a necessity but a personal choice that will help a person feel more confident. People do not have to go through cosmetic surgery to change for the better however, if they feel that this is something that will make them the person they want to be then they should go ahead.

Though cosmetic surgery can enhance the quality of their life, they should give it a lot of thought before deciding on going through with the procedure. Surgery has risks involved, takes time to recovery and may require several procedures. They should remember that plastic and cosmetic surgery will not make them become better or solve issues in different aspects of their life.

The amount of time needed to be away from work and other responsibilities plus the restrictions on certain activities will depend on the procedure of choice, the time it takes to do the surgery, type of anesthesia used and length of stay in the hospital. At times, they need to go through more than one procedure to achieve the desired results.

To ensure a smooth and safe recovery as well as successful results, they need to follow their post-op instructions down to the most minute detail. If they are not allowed to lift for weeks during recovery, they should use ample support to help them with their daily activities. As an example, they can ask for help in cleaning, driving, carrying groceries, caring for children and preparing meals, among others.

It takes time for surgical wounds to heal. Patients have to wait patiently for about 6 months to see satisfactory results. They should schedule their surgery based on priorities and lifestyle. They should note plan to attend major events (like weddings and grand vacations) right after surgery since they may not be at their best.

Overall Cost
Majority of cosmetic procedures are personal expenses. If they are concerned about the cost, they can consider financing options. They should be wary, though of low-cost procedures that are performed outside of the US. When they sound too good to be true, they probably are. They should consider a lot of things.

As earlier mentioned, these include the doctor and his team’s expertise and experience, costs involved like travel and recovery as well as safety and risk before deciding on the procedure. Health is the most important consideration of all.

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