Why Women Love a Reckless Man

No one can argue that women are attracted to reckless guys, but why? I want to share with you some of those reasons…

#1. – Confidence

When all is said and done the number one quality women find attractive in a man is confidence. And reckless guys display this quality effectively. They are fearless. Reckless men exude confidence on every area of their lives, even the most mundane activity, like asking the bartender for a drink.

#2. – Action

Reckless guys are men of action; they act first and think of the consequences later.

Females are hardwired to be attracted to men who can be great providers and protectors. Women assume that a reckless man, because he is action-oriented, will be a great provider, and if needed an even better protector.

#3. – Adventure

Nothing kills the attraction faster than routine. Women dream with a life of excitement and adventure. Why do you think that romantic novels sell so well? A reckless guy is the door to the life of their dreams. Women, who date this type of men, always wonder: “what will this day bring?” They are never bored and as a consequence the attraction never dies.

#4. – Mystery

There is an aura of mystery around reckless guys. Women are attracted to men they are curious about. If she believes that she has figured you out the attraction will disappear. You have to keep her guessing.

#5. – Leadership

A reckless guy is a leader. He is a go-getter, and people follow. When a woman sees a leader, she assumes people follow him because he gives value to them, and would give value to her if they were dating.

#6. – Challenge

Think about it, don’t you take better care of the things you have to work hard to get? When a woman thinks you are a sure thing, the attraction will die. Reckless guys represent a constant challenge, and women love to chase them.

One final thought…

Reckless guys do whatever they want, whenever they want. They live the life they choose to live. You don’t have to become a reckless man, if you don’t want. But, you have to know that you have the freedom to choose.

You can be, do, and have anything you desire, never settle for less!

You have a duty: to become the man you deserve to be. Don’t go to work just because you have to pay your bills, find your passion and enjoy life. Don’t date a girl just because you think she’s the best you can get, date any girl you choose.

Change your mindset and believe in yourself, the sky is the limit!