Why Stockings Have Some Much Sex Appeal

Few men can deny the sex appeal of a woman wearing a seamed stocking. It doesn’t matter if the dress or skirt is short or mid length since the seam will cause an equal amount of furor in the men who gaze at them no matter what the length of the garment being worn.

When seamed stockings were first produced, it was not done with sex appeal in mind. Consider the fact that back when they were invented, women wore floor length dresses, so the stockings were not in evidence to those men who looked at and admired the ladies strolling by. Although these stockings were designed for utilitarian purposes, it could very well be the inability to see these stockings that raised their sexual appeal. Back then, if a man caught even a glimpse of a stocking encased ankle or calf, it was almost akin to today’s men seeing the centerfold in a girlie magazine.

Despite today’s skimpy clothing that leave little to the imagination, a woman who maintains mystery often has a greater appeal to men than those who walk around practically nude. Exotic dancers don’t usually come on stage without their clothes, but slowly remove each piece as the men watch in anticipation. A woman who wears a veil over her face that covers everything except her eyes will garner as much attention from men as a beautiful woman whose face is exposed and maybe even more so it’s the mystery of wondering what’s behind that veil that gets so much thought and causes the imagination of men to soar.

The same may be also said of seamed stockings. Regular stockings or pantyhose are plain and don’t call much attention. The seam on a stocking literally demands that a man notices a woman’s legs. Watching the seam disappear under a skirt or dress further causes a man’s imagination to start running, wondering about the promise that the disappearing seam holds.

It’s because of the high sex appeal that seamed stocking hold that they have continued to be a popular lingerie item of women who want to promote their femininity and sexual appeal. They come in all types of colors and textures, with fishnet stocking holding the award for all around sexiness.

There are also practical reasons to don stockings. Unlike pantyhose that can actually cause health problems due to the lack of air circulating in the crotch area, because stockings are worn separately and held in place with a garter belt, air can circulate in that area and provide a healthier environment. Another great reason to choose stockings over pantyhose is because if you get a run in one leg of the pantyhose, the entire garment is ruined. If you have a good supply of stocking in the same color, if you get a run in one leg you can merely throw that one out and replace it with another of the same style.