What You Get And Don’t Get With The Fujikura 2000 Massage Chair

The Fujikura 2000 chair is very tempting for potential buyers due to its competitive price; you get a lot of features for your money. But, do the features provided make it a good robotic massage chair, or are they just marketing gimmicks you could do without?

The first thing that may turn some customers away from this Fujikura massage chair is its appearance. The company has tried its best to make the chair look very contemporary and to give an impression of a chair that uses advanced technology. However, the metallic looking armrest and floor rails aren’t going to appeal to everyone or blend in with their house d├ęcor.

If its looks don’t put you off you’ll want to know what massage functions you get. Well, with this chair you get a lot. This is mainly thanks to the number of rollers and air bags used. There’s an 11 motor system, with an intelligent 4 roller system. The intelligent system measures the shape of the back and automatically adjusts the 4 rollers. While this system is not as sophisticated as the optical sensors used in either the Inada or OSIM massage chair it seems to work perfectly satisfactorily – besides, you’ll pay nearly double for either of these two chairs but they’re worth considering if you have the money and want the very best in massage chair technology.

What is a very good plus point is the vertical length of the back rollers. It’s a very long 29″. This is an important consideration, especially if you’re tall. In fact, all Fujikura massage chairs are very generous in their overall size – some of the largest available – and are better suited for the typical American frame.

The foot rest is one of the better ones available. They are power deployed and retracted and come with an impressive tally of 20 air bags with sole and back heating. You can fine tune the foot massage as there are 5 levels to choose from for a stronger to a weaker massage.

But, for most, the real important consideration is the number and sophistication of the massage modes. The 2000 doesn’t disappoint in this department. The modes include shiatsu, kneading, tapping, wavelet (alternating strokes along the back that press on both spinal muscles and spinal joint areas), pummel and rhythm. In addition there are three special massage modes. The Point massage uses rolling, kneading, pushing or tapping massage to continuously massage a particular point along the spine. The Moving massage, as the name implies, moves along the spine. The Auto Massage mode offers a complete 20 minute massage using all massage modes. There are also 4 easy to use healthcare auto programs.

The chair also has air bags in the thigh and buttock sections to help alleviate lower body stiffness.

All in all, the chair is very impressive and is definitely one of the best robotic massage chairs you can buy at this price. However, there are 2 points that the chair does disappoint.

It has power recline but it doesn’t feature a push once system, which means you have to continuously keep it pressed until it reaches its maximum reclined position at 170 degrees. This is probably okay for most, but for those with a short reach it means they will have to remain seated until the chair is fully reclined before they can then lie down.

Secondly, the chair boasts a music therapy system. All this entails is that it allows you to plug in your own mp3 to listen to music. The chair comes with remote control stand, headphones, speaker, Mp3 Player, and USB flash drive. It should not be confused with the music therapy system you get with either an Inada or OSIM massage chair. These chairs let the music determine the type of massage given; rock music for a very physical massage or soothing classical for a soothing one. This is very sophisticated technology and is much more than what is on offer with the Fujikura 2000. However, this technology doesn’t come cheap; you would pay thousands more for one of these chairs.

Despite these minor complaints, the model 2000 massage chair by Fujikura is a very good option and represents fantastic value for money and it gets very high ratings from just about every customer review.

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