Vintage Lingerie Brings Back the Glamour of the 40s and 50s

Lingerie has been derived from the leather loincloth of pre-historic times. The loincloth slowly became a thong which over the centuries evolved into the g-string, worn by thousands of women around the world. Today leather is still a very sensual material used in the making of tantalizing lingerie. Most women love vintage lingerie and you are bound to find at least one or two unusually sexy pieces in every woman’s wardrobe for special occasions.

The beauty of vintage styles like Burlesque is that you can create a smouldering look with fringed garter skirt set, painted lips and matching accessories. With the different retro styles available you get all the looks, elegance and romance of the 40s and 50s, but with all the comfort of contemporary styles today. There are plenty of manufacturers who create reproductions of vintage lingerie styles; even making use of vintage machines and patterns. If you’re looking for something decadently naughty, quirky and special to spoil yourself with or someone else, why not try one of these little numbers to add in some fun?

The Hottest Lingerie Buys

There are many styles of original retro lingerie items which can be ordered on the Internet and shipped discreetly to your door. They should be made with strong, soft fabrics with sturdy stitching as undergarments from the past were made to last. Look at the linen and lace lingerie that was found during recent renovations beneath the floorboards of Lengberg Castle in Austria which dates back to the late 1400’s, still intact. Today’s vintage styles are designed to replicate the lingerie worn by women of yesteryear which is always portrayed as romantic and sensual (despite the fact that it could be extremely uncomfortable to wear). The good thing about modern styles is that we don’t have to carry smelling salts when we wear them!

Can you believe that there are still vintage styles like panties, seamed stockings, suspender belts, bras, corsets, teddies, girdles and slips from brands that started long ago and which are still in production today? Among others are Barbizon which started production in the 1920s, Lily of France in the late 1800’s, Lucie Anne in the 1980s, Vanity Fair in 1899 and Victoria’s Secret which started as a mail order business in the 1970s.

Capture the Look

Vintage bras for instance are made from rich silks and satins and the bullet bra, invented in the 1940s became hugely popular because of sweater girl pin ups and more recently Madonna. She opted to wear a bullet bra for her ‘Blonde Ambition Tour’. Celebrities like Madonna, the film industry, as well as glossy magazines have all stimulated the desire for these sensual items.

Retro Shapewear

Gorgeous colours and great detail, vintage lingerie is perfect for when you want an eye-catching silhouette. Seriously stylish, anyone can capture the look they want by investing in just one or two items. The girdle became a glamour item when they first became noticed with the pin-up girl pictures of World War 2. Girdles are designed to slim down the stomach and thighs and this retro item is enjoying a comeback as women strive for an hourglass look.

Today retro shapewear is trendy, not just an essential piece of underwear to be hidden under clothing and these vintage styles are available in many styles from different brands to give you a marvelously smooth look under clothes.

Celebrity Jessica Alba makes no qualms about the fact that she used girdles to get her body back into shape after her baby. As a result of her glowing reports, retro lingerie like girdles and corsets are a popular fashion item today. You can find them as well as other vintage lingerie, whether reproduction or original items, online or at specialty shops.

Nothing can bring down a look or your confidence more than shabby underwear, and with the glamorous 40’s and 50s vintage styles available today, there is no excuse not to look and feel sexy, special and pampered.