Use Your Perfume As Self-Defense

We’ve all heard of carrying around mace or pepper spray in our purse for self defense. But have you ever think of using the cosmetic products you already have as a safeguard? If you look through your medicine cabinet or cosmetics case, you are sure to find lots of things that could fend of an attacker. Take perfume, for instance. Sure, it may leave your attacker smelling good, but can you imagine what it feels like to spray it in your eye?

Perfume is composed of many ingredients. Besides the plant or animal essence that the fragrance is derived from, alcohol is a major component in perfume and cologne. Perfume is also filled with chemicals that can be extremely dangerous if inhaled, ingested or put in the eye. Take a bottle of Bvlgari perfume, for example. Don’t worry, it won’t harm you if you’re spraying it on yourself the way it’s meant to be used. The major ingredients are Acetone, Benzaldehyde, Ethanol and Methylene Chloride. Don’t worry, these products won’t hurt you if you just spray your perfume the way it’s meant to be used. But it could really hurt someone if it gets in their eye. It won’t do any permanent damage, but it will definitely startle an attacker and give you enough time to run for help.

Another good thing about carrying around your perfume bottle as self defense rather than mace or pepper spray is that it looks completely normal. You can carry a small bottle in your purse and if you go to a club and need to get your bags checked, you are not carrying anything out of the ordinary. Also, you will have your perfume with you in case you get sweaty dancing and you can just spray a little on. It is not always convenient to find something like mace or pepper spray, so it’s good to know how to protect yourself with the every day items that you do have.

If you are walking by yourself late at night, always be aware of your surroundings wherever you go. If you notice something suspicious or someone following you, take out your little perfume bottle and walk while carrying it, keeping it firmly grasped in your hand. If you are attacked, always aim directly in the assailants eye. He will get startled and try to protect himself by covering his face. This will give you enough time to run away. Always keep your cell phone on hand when you are walking alone at night.