The Benefits of Canvas Jeans

Canvas fabric is a sturdy material that is sometimes used in making jeans. The reason why many manufactures use this type of material is because of its strength and durability. Canvas jeans can stand up to everyday wear and tear better then denim. Not only are these jeans sturdy, they are also comfortable to wear. Even though the cost of canvas jeans can be a bit more expensive then denim, the reliability of the material out weighs the cost.

Many people in the construction field recommend wearing canvas jeans on a job site. Construction workers do a lot of bending, climbing and kneeling on the construction site. Traditional denim jeans wear out more quickly on the knee area of the pants compared to its canvas counter part. The hammer loops on a pair of canvas jeans also wear longer. With the repetitive motion of taking a hammer on and off of the loop would make many other fabrics fray and become stretched out. When canvas is used, it lasts much longer and takes a long time for the fabric to wear out on a hammer loop. This material does not tear as easily as other types of fabrics. This is beneficial when working with nails that can snag or tear denim jeans and keeps the worker from getting hurt.

Gardeners and landscapers also prefer wearing canvas clothing on the job. When working around plants and bushes such as roses for instance, these jeans almost work as protective clothing. Just like garden gloves that protect the hands and fingers from sharp thorns, canvas jeans help to protect the legs. Canvas jeans are also great to wear when chipping wood or climbing trees. The sturdy structure of the material is harder for bark and wood to tear through the jeans that can cause cuts and scrapes to the legs.

Even though canvas is a somewhat heavier material then most denims for instance, it still allows the skin to breathe. This is a wonderful feature of canvas-made jeans when working outside during the summer months or when little shade can be found.