Some Simple Women’s Self Defense Moves Unleashed!

In a previous article I discussed the value of eye gouging your opponent. Now in today’s women’s self defense article I would like to share some more valid tips for women especially when being attacked by a mugger or rapist. Now the eye gouge is an essential move. Simply because if the bad guy can’t see you, he’s pretty useless right?

This featured womens self defense move is pretty similar and should be used to shock your attacker so you can run to safety or apply other techniques after using this womens self defense move. This technique is what I call the, “face claw.” Basically, since you are already prepared for battle anywhere, a good weapon to have is long nails. They don’t have to be super long, but long enough to easily scratch to use this technique.

With the face claw, you slide your hand up your attackers face and claw down, sliding your hand down his face while digging your fingers into it. A main target will be the eyes of course, but try to do as much damage as possible. Don’t just do it once either, follow through with as much as you can, while punching him, biting him, eye gouging him, elbowing him, kicking his groin etc.

The key to surviving an attack is to use simple womens self defense moves. Like the techniques I mentioned above. There is no one move way to escape an attacker. You have to go all out inflicting as much injury and pain on the bad guy as you can and then escaping to get help.

If you’re not a woman it doesn’t matter.

This self defense move works great on stunning your attacker. So start growing out your finger nails, but not so long that they are dirty and unattractive. You only need an 1/6th of an inch of fingernail to slash up someone’s face. This move won’t disable an attacker but it will shock him, and clawing his eyes will give you some time to escape, run for help, or finish him off with other womens self defense moves.

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