Review of the Torsette Body Shapers for Women

The torsette is the most recent innovation to be added to the market of woman’s shapewear. It provides the benefits of a traditional body shaper; however, the neckline of this piece ends slightly below a woman’s bust line, enabling a woman to wear her own brassiere. This concept is a welcome solution to an existing problem for most women. With a traditional body shaper garment, it can be difficult to find one that fits comfortably in the bust while offering adequate compression to other areas of the body. Although the construction of each piece varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the torsette is generally comprised of blends of Lycra, Spandex, and nylon. Firm control paneling, found in the front, back, and sides, of the garment, defines the waistline, smoothes the stomach, and eliminates the appearance of bra straps or back bulge.

The torsette can actually be found in several different styles. It may be found in a slip form, a tank top, or as an all over body suit. It is generally offered in colors of white, black, and beige so that it may be worn effortlessly under different styles of clothing. Most torsettes contain hook and eye enclosures down the front of the piece; however, certain makers offer models that may be simply stepped into. The length of this product will vary. In most instances, the bottom of the torsette is shaped like traditional women’s underwear. However, for women who wish to have more coverage, there are styles of the torsette that extend to a woman’s mid thigh or calf.

Although the Fleexes Shapewear Company claims to have invented the torsette, it is now offered by a wide variety of reputable manufacturers, including Spanx, Cass Luxury Shapewear, and Assets Shapewear. Overall, the torsette has proven itself to be quite popular among consumers. The most enjoyable aspect of this product is its ability to contour and shape a woman’s midsection; however, some consumers have stated that the arm holes of this garment are rather restrictive. The problem may, however, be remedied by simply allowing its adjustable arm straps out all of the way.