Pregnant at 40 – How to Get Pregnant at 40 Or Older

I’d like to show you some natural ways to get pregnant at 40 or over, as well as the disadvantages of using medical technologies to force pregnancy artificially. Modern technology has made it getting pregnant at any age more possible. However, there has been a lot of controversy about artificial reproductive techniques, such as In-Vitro Fertilization and artificial hormones.

Newspaper reports, academic journals and even medical doctors warn about the dangers of getting pregnant at an advanced maternal age. They report risks such as infertility, miscarriage, difficult labour, and birth defects.

Why is this? From an alternative medicine point of view, the answer is obvious. Although mature mothers have a lot to offer a child, in terms of experience, patience, life experience and stability, they have been exposed to toxins for longer than younger women.

Toxins and free radicals damage cells and DNA. This includes damage to the cells of the reproductive organs and the developing egg and follicles. Poor quality eggs are less likely to be fertilized, or if they are fertilized, they can increase the risk of miscarriage, or birth defects. When artificial assisted reproductive technologies or drugs are used to force pregnancy, the results are not always successful for the mother and child.

So what is the answer? Chinese medicine and other natural techniques have been used for thousands of years to help women restore egg quality, regulate menstruation and ovulation, have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies.

What’s more, the herbal remedies and natural techniques have been proven scientifically in numerous clinical trials to be both safe and effective. So, if they are safer than medical techniques and more successful, why doesn’t every woman use them?

Most doctors don’t have the required training in alternative medicine, and only know about drugs like clomid, or procedures such as IVF or artificial insemination. Instead of advising you to change your diet and lifestyle, they’re more likely to advise you to use an egg donor, or to give up trying to have a baby altogether.

The fact is, these natural approaches can help you to: detoxify your body of any fertility-damaging substances, with herbal body cleansing, repair DNA or free radical damage, and improve egg quality with antioxidants such as “AntioxiPlus”, provide nutritional support for both mother and baby with a superfood supplement such as “AlkaGreens Plus” and most importantly, balance the hormones with organic herbal remedies like “FertilPlus” to lower FSH, regulate menstruation and ovulation.

Natural remedies also address the psychological aspects that block fertility, such as stress. Stress can cause hormone imbalances, make menstrual cycles irregular and can even stop ovulation. There are natural ways you can relieve stress without months of counselling, as you can listen to “Quantum Relaxation” CDs that put the brain into a state of relaxation deeper than meditation. This deeper level of relaxation can be rejuvenating, and will allow your body to focus on healing itself.