Pregnancy Yoga: The Mainstay of Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy yoga is the gem of a friend during the nine months of an expectant mother. It assists her to deal with the mental, emotional and physical stress that accompanies childbirth. It aids in coping up with mood swings, anxiety and unfounded fear about childbirth. Yoga enhances confidence and self control by causing heightened awareness of the body and its ability to deliver safely. Yogic meditation reaches out to the unborn infant and establishes a profound connection between the mother and baby.

Pregnancy yoga makes the women experience stability, peace of mind commingled with stillness, relaxation and strength which dissipates anxiety to a great extent. It takes care of the common health problems that show their faces during pregnancy like high blood pressure, excessive gain of weight, nausea, mood swings and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Yoga helps in speedy reverting back to one’s original shape after childbirth and also undoes any physical deformity that may have arisen.

Perform Pregnancy yoga throughout nine months pregnancy period

Pregnancy yoga when performed throughout the nine months pregnancy period makes the women feel the benefit in the guise of muscular relaxation in the region of cervix and birth canal which enables the dilation of pelvis making the labor process smoother. Yoga assists in relieving fluid retention in the third trimester thus decreasing the occurrence of cramps. It gently keeps the body active and supple to bear the strain positively which would otherwise might have devastating consequences.

Pregnancy yoga comes to rescue during the second trimester when the fetus grows and the women gains weight causing a shift in their center of gravity. Yoga helps cope up with changes by focusing on legs and abdominal muscles. Yoga tones and builds the leg muscles to make it strong enough to bear the weight of burgeoning body and causes abdominal muscles to stretch suitably to accommodate the growing baby.