Pants Someone – Tips to Pants Someone, Faster and Easier

Pants someone means pulling their pants down. Wow, this topic is quite interesting. Why? It is because most people who want to pants someone’s under must be doing it for joke or other silly thing. And that’s they way it is. Pulling under someone’s pants is taking risky, that person can be really mad.

That’s why it is suggested for you to do this only with someone close to you such as close friends or lover. They will be less likely to get mad at you. But they may want to hit you back. So for you who want to do this kind of joke, here are the simple and easy tips.

1. The first thing you need to remember before pulling a person’s under is to do it fast. If you do it slow, there will be a chance for the person to hit you back, means pulling your pants. And you don’t want to be the victim of your own plan, do you? So make it fast.

2. Decide the friend that will be your victim. As stated in the previous, make sure he or she is a person close to you. Means that both of you are close to each other. So you will not get any trouble for doing this.

3. After deciding the victim, now it is time for you to decide the occasion when the action will be done.

4. Come up to them from the front or the back. Choose one of the sides; front or back will be just fine.

5. Grab his or her pants. Do it really fast and strong.

6. And directly pull it down. From grabbing to pulling, you must spend times only 5-8 seconds. Do it really fast.

7. After succeeded in pulling down the under. Make sure what kind of underwear he or she wear, and whether they are embarrassed. You do this for a purpose, don’t you? By remembering underwear they wear and how they are embarrassed, you can make fun of them at that time and in the future.

8. Check out their legs or just laugh along with the rest of the people. It will surely make the person feel ashamed.

9. So be careful. If the person starts to lunge at you, move back or run. He or she may do a quick and unpredictable revenge at you directly at that time. So be aware and save your self right away.

Those are the tips, easy and simple right? Just remember a couple things you must have, courage and speed. So, who will be your victim?

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