Men and the Compassionate Woman

Compassion is a trait that is very attractive for anyone to possess. However, men are very attracted to women who are capable of showing feelings for other people. Not everyone, particularly every woman, possesses this trait. There are a number of women who could be described as being very callous or self-absorbed and insensitive to the emotions and feelings of other people. What men want from women is someone who is capable of showing a softer side. They want someone who will be able to understand how they feel and be able to relate to their emotions as well. A compassionate woman is highly desired by men that are interested in developing a long term relationship.

Some may wonder why compassion is an important trait for women to possess. The ability to relate to other people is very important. Compassion allows a person to be able to understand how another person feels and relate to them on their level. There are many women who do not possess this trait. There are some women who are obvious of the needs of others, particularly their men because they may be over occupied with their wants and needs. Being self-absorbed is not a trait that many men find attractive in a woman. Most men want to know that the women they are dating are interested in their well-being and have their best interest at heart.

One of the best characteristics of a compassionate woman is the ability to understand where her man is coming from and not put him down or degrade him. There are many men that have tales about their girlfriends’ or wives’ demeaning behavior. This type of behavior can rear its ugly head in a number of circumstances. Sometimes the women may berate their men about chores that are not done properly or perhaps the demeaning comments or behavior is shown when a man and a woman get into an argument. In general, men do not take too well to being embarrassed, ridiculed and made to feel inferior. A woman who can express her concerns and feelings in a compassionate manner will be very highly valued by a man. Men want to know that they are dealing with a woman that they are able to communicate with thoroughly without having to worry about being demeaned or made to feel less. Contrary to popular belief, what a man wants is to be acknowledged. Men also want to know that their presence is worthwhile to the women in their life.

In order to understand what men want, it is very important for women to understand that men have feelings too. While men may not be as emotional as women to some degree, they do have feelings that need to be acknowledged and appreciated. A compassionate woman is able to understand that while her man may play the macho role at times he still has feelings and emotions that need to be validated. Overall, men want a kind woman that he can express himself with openly and honestly while knowing that his thoughts and opinions will be held in high regard.

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