How to Mesmerize Women Into Wanting You

Hypnosis is the quickest way to attract women, but most men don’t know where to start learning about this seduction tactic. You must have heard about this in other circles, but have never thought of hypnosis as a seduction tool.

This seemingly mysterious art is often used by master seducers albeit very subtly. You see, being subtle and being smooth are the keys to making hypnosis work for you when seducing women, even the most gorgeous ones. Here are four tricks you can use as soon as you can find a woman you want to date.

Make women want you by mesmerizing them – use these 4 surefire methods…

1: “Deep and Significant Connection”. Building rapport means making her feel loved and special. You must show genuine interest, and be able to generate the same level of attraction in women to really build rapport. Hypnosis allows you to connect with a woman on the emotional level, making it impossible for her to resist your advances. When she feels that inexplicable feeling of attraction for you, she instantly becomes enchanted by your personality. Who said love at first sight doesn’t exist? It does happen; in her mind and in her heart.

2: “Reversal”. This psychological prompt effectively puts you in control of the situation. Your conversation becomes compelling when you make it clear that you won’t readily agree to everything she says. Egging her on, and making her debate with you while keeping that aura of silent confidence around you will mystify her. Before she knows it, she’s hanging on to your every word and she’s seeking your approval at every turn.

3: “The Reckless Guy”. If she feels that there’s something noticeably evil about you, she’s genuinely attracted. Why? Because women love bad boys, or pseudo-bad boys (nice guys who can act evil on a whim). Being too nice will not make her feel deep emotions for you, while being perceived as bad has the opposite effect.

4: “Fractionation”. Here’s a trick you should definitely know about. Almost all the experts of seduction know about this method of making women fall in love through hypnotic conversation.

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