How to Get Pregnant With a Boy – 3 Effective and Natural Methods to Conceive a Boy

A lot of couples out there want to be able to pick the gender of their baby and you want to do that as well. You want to have the baby boy of your dreams and you should be able to make that happen. You just need to know the top 3 effective and most natural ways to get pregnant with a boy.

The first tip is to change your diet to eat foods that are alkaline. Eating a diet rich in these foods helps to create an environment that is perfect for a little boy to grow in. Make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, beets and lentils. These will not only ensure that you get pregnant with a boy, but they will make him healthy as well.

The second tip to ensure that you have a male child is to try to have sex in the morning. This is when your body temperature is at a great temperature to make sure that when the sperm hits the egg, it creates a male child.

The third and final tip is to make sure that your spouse makes you have an orgasm first before he does. This opens the cervix and allows for the sperm to come in faster, which increases your chances of conceiving a male.

Use these tips today to get pregnant with a boy. They can help you to get the gender of your dreams without spending a lot of money on dangerous medical procedures.