How to Dress With an Eclectic Style

When fashion gurus say eclectic style, they actually mean a combination of different styles. If you want to dress with an eclectic fashion, you have to choose or select clothing from a variety of sources. You must also be daring enough to get out of you comfort zone and create a look of your own. Eclectic style is not about conventional or traditional fashion. It is about uniqueness and personal style. You always have to be daring yet sensible if you want to be eclectic. Eclectic dressing is not similar to Bohemian dressing, though. So, you do not have to wear frilly skirts and tops all the time.

You can actually mix and match clothes from different sources. For instance, you can pair a cheap top with expensive jeans. You may also wear extravagant shoes and a cap you got from a bargain. When it comes to eclectic style, the price does not really matter. It is about how you mix and match pieces. You may also wear a simple white blouse over a black jumpsuit and add vintage jewelry to your getup. Moreover, you can wear a very old dress with a pair of trendy pumps. You can also sport a trendy haircut yet wear a vintage outfit. The ability to look timeless is another thing that really matters in eclectic style.

Anyway, jewelry is also a vital part of eclectic style. Dramatic earrings, sterling silver necklaces, brass cuffs, golden rings, large watches, wooden accessories, copper pendants, cool bangles, and fancy bracelets are just some of your best choices. There are actually plenty of pieces you may wear. It does not really matter if they are old or new. So, you may buy a new bracelet or just wear your grandmother’s old ring. You can also wear vintage sunglasses or shades. Believe it or not, fashion trends usually follow the eclectic style. That is why designers often incorporate new pieces with old pieces. Sometimes, they also use recycled materials with brand new materials.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that eclectic style is not just for women but for men, as well. A man, for instance, may wear an old-fashioned beret with a trendy shirt or a silk white shirt under a black blazer. He may also wear cool and funky clothing from Asian brands. In addition, he may wear jewelries and accessories to match his getup. Men who follow eclectic style should not be conscious or mindful about making a statement. Instead, they should feel free to express their personal style and tastes in various textures and cultures. They should also not be too concerned about what other people may think. Being unique and artistic is considered fashionable with this style.

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