How to Choose Stylish Scrubs

Scrubs used to be strictly for surgeons and medical personnel. Because scrubs are so durable and comfortable, dental and veterinary staff started to wear them, too. The easy care nature of scrubs made them ideal for prison employees who also wear them. Now scrubs are a fashion statement across the country with everyone from college students to businessmen to grandmothers wearing them.

Scrubs have a carefree design to accommodate the split second demands of a medical professional. This easy wear quality makes them popular for personal wear, too. Students use scrubs as leisure wear while they study or lounge around the dorm. Men and women slip into scrubs as pajamas and street wear. Campers pack a set of lightweight scrubs as a convenient change of clothes. Scrubs are easy to transport, quick to put on and made in all sizes so their popularity continues to soar.

A basic set of scrubs includes a pair of pull-on pants and a v-neck, short sleeved shirt. Some scrubs have waist-length warm-up print scrub jackets with no lapels, long sleeves and stockinette cuffs. Scrub pants have either an elastic waist or a drawstring waist so they can be slipped on in seconds. This design makes them perfect for both emergency rooms and everyday leisure wear. Often hospital and medical personnel are assigned uniform scrubs. They might bear the embroidered name of the medical facility so they always remain on the premises. Typically these are surgical scrubs made for sterile medical purposes. Similar non-surgical scrubs are worn everywhere from dental offices to veterinary offices to around town.

How Do You Find The Right Size Scrubs? Pick up a scrub catalog or visit an online resource to find out the standard measurements used for scrub sizes. Hospital personnel come in all sizes and shapes so there are plus size scrub uniforms, tall sizes and petites. Measure your chest, waist and hips at their widest sections to determine the proper size scrubs. You can also compare your current clothes size to the scrubs sizing charts to figure out which sizes would fit best. For petite and tall sizes, measure your leg from below the hip to the ankle to find out the proper length for scrub pants.

What Style Scrubs Are Available? Leading scrubs brands such as Cherokee, Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau and Urbane make all different types of scrubs in a rainbow of colors and designs. Show off your alma mater with college scrubs. Let everyone know your favorite team with sports scrubs. NASCAR scrubs show off the racer in you. Scrubs are available in colors ranging from blue to pink to yellow. Fashionable print scrub tops have square necks and cinched waists. Patterned scrubs include cartoon characters and holiday embellishments. From stylish to whimsical, there are scrub designs for everyone.