Dating With Women – How to Show Her a Good Time

Now I know a lot of people want to find the best places or the right things that is guaranteed to make women always have a good time with you. The best tips for you to show her to a good time is by asking her what she wants to do and always being confident about your answers. Now there are many women who really want confident men and really liked to be listened too. These are the most important things to consider when going on dates. If you have great listening skills the date will go by with both of you being on the same page. If your confidence is real good she will feel that shes in good hands. Dating with women may get difficult but if you know what makes them happy then all you have to do is not mess up.

Here are a few tips to use when showing her a good time:

1. Always Compliment – Compliments always makes them happy but do not overdue it.

2. Listen Closely – Always pay attention to what they are saying because they might lose interest if you do not remember.

3. Be Confident – Confidence lets her no that you are in charge and they do like alpha males.

4. Anxiety Comes but Do Not Stutter – Anxiety may come at you but relax and do not mix up words.

5. Take Her To A Nice Place – Dinner are always good.

6. Have A Point Of View – Do not always agree but make sure your on the same page

7. Keep Her Entertained – Make her laugh

8. Be Humble (Do Not Show Off) – Showing off money is not good to do right away.

9. Make Sure To Ask Her If She Enjoyed Herself At The End – Always good

If you use these steps on your dates then you will have a good chance of giving off a really good impression. These good impressions build up to so that she will let you do what you want later if you make it that far.

Here are some good places to go:

1. Bowling – Bowling is always fun and lets you play a fair game.

2. Diner – Diner are always good to spend quality time to talk.

3. Movies – Movies are always good.

4. Dancing – Dancing might get her in the mood to relax later.

5. Miniature golf – Miniature golf is a quiet game to play.

These are some great places that I have personally gone to that had given me some great results. They usually are places where its quiet and you can spend more quality time. If you plan to do one of these activities make sure to check out the places before you plan a date.

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