Cost Of Tuberous Breast Correction: Is It Affordable?

Quite a number of aspects will determine the cost of tuberous breast correction. When you get a better understanding of how these aspects affect the cost of treatment, you will be better placed to select the best option.

Important Aspects That Determine Cost of Surgery

One key aspect that will influence the cost of treatment is the surgeon you select. Obviously, when you seek a highly qualified and very skilled surgeon, you are sure to have a higher bill compared to any other surgeon who has much less expertise. However, the surgeon’s skill and expertise is more than likely to make up for the higher cost. Going for a cheaper option might mean that you won’t get as good a result as you would with the expert surgeon.

Indeed, surgery would involve several other personnel, apart from the cosmetic surgeon. This would include such professionals as anaesthetists. Hence, just as with the surgeon, the quality of service you expect to get from these other personnel would also go hand-in-hand with the overall cost of treatment.

As you may already know, surgical operations to correct tuberous breasts would require a wide range of advanced equipment and treatment techniques. This means that the facility from which you opt to receive treatment should be fully furnished with the best equipment for the purpose. Moreover, this too would be a key factor that determines the cost of treatment.

All these aspects, including medical practitioner’s fees and facility costs, are largely fixed costs. However, there are certain aspects that would bring in some variable costs in any surgical operation. The reality is that different patients have varying severity of tuberous deformities. Hence, the more severe cases would require even more extensive care as compared to the less severe cases.

Actually, someone who only has a type I deformity could easily go through surgery within one day; whereas, someone with a more severe case would have to take a one- or two-day hospital stay. This obviously means that you may have to cater for additional costs even beyond the surgical operation itself. Besides, surgery would definitely be more costly if it would take longer than one day.

When you consult your surgeon concerning the operation, he/ she will assess your particular situation and give you a clear outline of what your procedure will cost. You should also take note that a proficient surgeon would ensure that the initial surgery is carried out in the best way possible, in order to avoid any cases of relapse in future. This will further reduce the chances of incurring more medical costs even after you undergo your treatment.

Is It Covered by Medicare?

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman clearly indicates that Medicare does not cover clinically unnecessary hospital and medical services. This means that surgical operations meant only for cosmetic reasons wouldn’t be covered.

Concerning tuberous breast deformity in particular, you’re not likely to receive Medicare rebates for milder forms of the condition. However, you can actually receive rebates on a number of costs related to more extensive cases of the condition. You can also get some level of insurance cover, from some private health insurers.

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