Chikara Reiki Do – Alternative Reiki Master Attunement

Chikara Reiki Do was introduced by masters Judith and Chris Conroy. These 2 masters use the basic principles of Usui Reiki. The only major difference of their teaching with other method is Chikara Reiki Do starts with self attunement.

Reiki attunement ritual simply connects a healer with the source of Reiki energy that comes from God or The Source. During this process, your chakra or energy centers are activated to access the Reiki energy. If you could access the universal energy well, you could use it to heal yourself or others.

Chikara Reiki Do believes that you could actually do the attunement process yourself and do not need a Reiki master to do it for you. The process is also much simpler than other Reiki attunement, because you do not need to go through level 1, and 2. You could become a master in Chikara Reiki in just 48 hours.

While most masters are telling their students that Reiki can not or should not be done quickly, Judith believes that most masters and courses are actually misleading you. It could be done in a much simpler way.

Chikara (meaning “powerful” in Japanese) Reiki could be used to treat stress, anxiety and other health problem. It also could be combined with other alternative healing method such as EFT. If you have problem in your stomach area, you could use some Reiki symbols and channel the healing energy in the area.

Universal energy could also be sent back to the time when your health problem first occurred and became a problem. By doing this, an energy healer go back and change the past. This might sound like a science fiction movie to some people, but lots of people got the healing benefit of Reiki. This energy, like any other energy, does not have limitation on distance or place.

Chikara Reiki Do is one great alternative for those who would like to learn and become a Reiki master without the regular requirements which takes a lot of time and investment.

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