Best Tips For Using An Eye Lash Grower Serum

Are you searching for an eye lash grower that really works? If so, you probably already have an idea of what you are looking for. Have you already considered the use of false eye lashes, implants or extensions and perhaps don’t like the heavy volumizing mascaras either? For those of you who are unsure, here, we will first explain how growth serums work, how to use them and what it may mean to your self confidence.

Eye lash grower serum is normally packaged in the same type of container as mascara; it also contains a wand to apply the serum in a similar way to mascara. However, while mascara is normally applied in the morning or when you are going out, growth serums are applied either just at night, or sometimes both in the morning before your make up as well as at night. When applied at night, all traces of makeup must be gently removed first. Don’t overload the wand with the serum, you do not need it and it will just use it up faster. Apply as close to the lash line as possible on the upper and lower lashes.

After about 2 to 4 weeks you will begin to notice your eyelashes are getting thicker, longer and as a bonus, they will also be better conditioned and have a slightly darker colour. You will need to keep up your routine just as you would use volumizing treatments for the hair on your head.

There are quite a few brands of eye lash grower serum around and these start at around $20. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive brand, as these may not always be better than a mid-priced one, but the cheapest may not work as well. Look for one that has some evidence of scientific research that shows it can at least work for some people. It is fairly rare for an allergic reaction to occur, but obviously if it does, stop using it and seek medical attention.

Please don’t mistreat your eyes and try never to sleep in your make up. Be very gentle when removing make up, particularly when removing heavy mascara or false lashes. If you pull and rub at the eyes often, this will merely make your lashes thinner as you will simply pull them out.

Using an eye lash grower serum will improve your looks, with and without make up. It follows of course that this will also improve your self confidence. If you are very fair, although the serum will slightly darken your lashes, using an eyelash dye as well will greatly improve the way your lashes frame your eyes when not using mascara.